Monday, July 11, 2011

Words & Text[ure] by...Bob...and Bob

A sentimental journey... 
Before you read more, open an extra tab and listen to this song in the background 
[there's nothing to watch]. 
Go ahead, I'll wait.

I just completed this new portrait inspired by a young Bob Dylan. I thought about those early days in coffee houses...blues-y moods, dark rooms...sad songs.

I created a brick wall texture for the background and his coat and gave them a special dark texture. He's in shades of white, gray and black. All of the the type [verbiage] is black on white or white on black...with little bits of red. 
On top of that - a crazy coating of translucent blues to help pick up the blue mood.
Then, I considered songs from the 60's... to help me pick a title. I didn't like all the "hits," and picked this song. My brother, Robert [I called him Bob] was a fan of Dylan's. He was around during those days, and as I read through songs, the lyrics to this song made me think of my brother.

I like including words and writing in and on my work, so I scribbled the lyrics [and a few other choice words] on to tissue. I ripped the tissue into bits and applied it on top of the portrait...and spent more time painting and tinting until I incorporated my sadness into this work. I miss my brother, and putting these feelings, the words and texture into this particular portrait makes it very special to me.

"He Was a Friend of Mine"- Blues for Bob

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Anonymous said...

This tribute is FANTASTIC, but then all of your art is unique.

Gene Kress
Strawberry, AZ