Monday, July 11, 2011

can't leave well enough alone...

I am one of those artists whose brains never shut off.
I am always thinking, considering, re-designing.

There is was, the brand new Jim Morrison inspired portrait.
Sitting in the studio, waiting for a final coat of lacquer.

I looked at it. "Something's wrong," I thought. "I just need to fix that one shadow, it's bugging me."

I fixed the shadow.
I stood back.
Now the other shadows seemed wrong.
So I fixed those.
You know, that shade of lavender is too light.
Out came the brushes...
Come to think of it, let me tint the blue too.
now the pink and orange are too light!

I stood back.
I liked the colors better, but I really wanted the eye to go
to the face.
So I did more.
A lot more.
Tinting, painting, glueing, until I had a composition I was happy with.

The same, but different.
Introducing, the "new and improved" portrait.
"Light My Fire" 

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