Sunday, August 30, 2015

And now...a Fine Art Installation for Residential, Corporate, Retail and Hospitality.

One of a kind.
Hand made.

The Art Room - a fine art gallery in Petersburg, VA - features a wall of squares...not quite tiles, and not exactly like many other installations of this kind. Today, 135 individual little masterpieces adorn one wall.
The squares, loving called "miroir aux alouettes," are not manufactured, not mass produced, not based on trends, and not for everyone. The name refers to traps for larks [the birds!] which always feature mirrors, like these small treasures.

They're not glass or wood... they are small canvas squares [6x6x1"] that are hand painted and embellished with all sorts of unusual things... old Christmas cards, real gold foil, vintage pendants, glass mirrors, cannibalized jewelry, keys, tiny animals, beads, rhinestones, toys, tiles, tacks, gears, bait, buttons, bows and bits and pieces of a zillion different things. No two are alike. 
They are hand made by a duo of artists [known as Ibby & Ommie] who found inspiration in many places, and save every little thing that might be useful.

Many other artisans create or manufacture memory blocks, tiles, or plaster, paper, copper, tile...create installations of a few or hundreds of pieces. Here are some examples from Sid Dickens, Houston Llew and Cedar Mountain... and hand made mosaics from Dusciana Bravura in Venice, Italy.
Houston Llew Copper

Cedar Mountain Mass Produced Blocks

Dusciana Bravura Mosaics

Sid Dickens Plaster Memory Blocks

For a high-end client who wants to make a similar impact, but also wants something no one else can possibly own, consider a grouping of these unusual little masterpieces -- that will begin many a conversation. Everyone that sees these unusual works of art stays and looks, and wants to know more.
On a bookshelf

Tiger, tiger...burning bright
Oh, Deer!
Penguin on a Bike!
They are elaborate, yet lightweight and can hang on a single small nail. They are not perfectly square. The edges are painted and adorned with ribbon or webbing; all are sealed with gloss coating. They will last for years without any maintenance

Orange Mandala

A client in Calabasas, CA with her first!

Currently priced at $125.00 USD per piece; with volume discounts for groupings. The artists can customize pieces with your clients' colors, themes, and can include bits and pieces, logos, marketing materials, etc. They can match pantone colors or interior paint colors.

And, they make lovely, unique gifts!

For more information, visit The Art Room's Facebook Page...The artists can also be contacted through
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Friday, April 3, 2015

Oh Venice, you did it again...UPDATED 4/4/15


Third trip to Italy - this time I visited Rome, Cinqueterre, Mantua and Venice...and this time was the first time with my darling husband.

I was inspired EVERYWHERE, and wandering the streets [canals] and alleys of Venice always leads me to something that inspires me. Everything outside and inside. I have more ideas than hours in the day.

On our last day, we were off in a different direction when i came upon a gallery that took my breath away.

Too bad they were already closed, I might have tried to purchase everything. Yes, I took photos through the window. Naughty me. Look at Dusciana Bravura's amazing sculptures online. But...the wall of little square mosaics captured my attention.

Check these out! Of course, they are made from GLASS...I don't know if theyre grouted or fused or what... but they are meticulously made from glass tiles, mirrors, millifiore cane, maybe cermics?

I know how to create glass mosaics, but I work in paper. This display gave me an idea that I could incorporate [borrow...steal...?] into my work with junk mail and found objects.

So with proper PROPS to Dusciana Bravura... here's my venture into creating small pieces: on canvas - using/ upcycling a smattering of stuff I had on hand - in my many drawers of junk mail, Christmas cards, ceramic tiles, beads, crystals and jewels from my Grandmother and Mom's collection [they were jewelers in the 50's] mirrors, rhinestones, electronic parts, hardware [tacks, bolts, etc.]. souvenirs, wood, clock parts, napkin rings, glitter, glass beads, bobbins, plastic toys and more:

 Now I'm obsessed with making more! So far, I've made 16. They are 6x6", on thick canvas. They're painted all around with lace trim on the side... very shiny and no two are alike. They have a very high gloss coating. Here are some detail pics:

I have a few more ideas up my sleeve from that trip... 

For you non-creative types... LOOK AROUND YOU and you'll find a world of inspiration!

I'm calling this collection of little canvases "Miroir aux Alouettes"
Each piece has mirrors - round, tiny squares or larger ones. All of them include gold leafing and reflective materials. The term refers to traps used to catch larks. They had tiny mirrors on them, to attract the birds that like "shiny things!" All of the canvases are coated several times with a glossy medium; some have glitter, some are irridescent, some contain glass beads or other shiny lacquers. 
24 as of 4/7/2015

Monday, March 23, 2015

The oddly glowing and extravagantly bejeweled Blue Hippo of Luck and Love in Situ.

Imagine you are wandering on your own, contemplating your future when your reverie is interrupted by a huffling noise amid the nearby grasses. A grunting noise accompanied by that of squishing of muck and mire, green blades of grass moving to and fro. You explore further and come upon a clearing - a puddle of mud occupied by a single, blue hippopotamus.

This beast is not only of unusual color, but also covered in a pattern of sparkling jewels. He glitters in the sunlight, his eyes are shimmering sapphires. Typically, hippos are dangerous to humans, but this particular specimen is not. In fact, you have discovered a mystery, a good luck charm, an enchanted being with the power to distribute luck and love to those who find him by accident. For those who need a boost of luck, or a true love to arrive, you only need to find him.
Gaze upon him, then close your eyes and visualize that which will fulfill your heart's deepest wish. His power is yours for just a moment, as he will disappear as quickly as he arrived.

The Oddly Glowing and Extravagantly Bejeweled Blue Hippo of Luck and Love In Situ.

Sandhi Schimmel Gold's Blue Hippo
in si·tu
/in ˈsīto͞o,ˈsē-/
adverb & adjective
adverb: in situ; adjective: in situ; adverb: insitu
in its original place."mosaics and frescoes have been left in situ"
in position. "her guests were all in situ"


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Clever, Funny, Creative, Knowledgeable, Insightful, Experienced and other superlatives...

No, not talking about me.

No...the funniest guy in the room - is also the smartest one - the brain you want to tap into - is my Brother...Jeff.

His memories of our childhood, he would argue, is different than mine. He was the golden child - literally - golden hair, golden skin, bright green eyes with long golden lashes. A golden orb glowing from within. The kid with the straight A's. He grew so fast during junior high, if he stood still you could watch his pants grow shorter. We fought like cats and dogs, nearly to the death, at times. In some ways I was jealous of how smart he [was] is.

He was going to go places. And he did - he was a huge fan of Bruce Lee, so he became one of his teacher's students. Jeff earned a black belt in Jeet Kune Do [a system of fighting - Kung Fu-ey] and studied Mandarin. That meant college in Seatlle. College at Cornell, in Arizona...  law school in NYC and Los Angeles. The kid my parents thought was the one and only hope for the American Dream [of refugees] was on track  -- but secretly  unhappy and frustrated. A family of creative types spawned another generation of unabashed creative types.

A Psychocybernetics workshop conducted by our old family friend Shirley unearthed an unspoken dream...which was confirmed by my good friend Joyce, an astrolger... [I got Jeff a reading as a gift] Jeff's real talent, and future would lie in his ability to write.

So, the Doctor of Jurisprudence moved to the City of Angels and thus began a 30+ year multi-dimensional career that included writing for Television...Movies...Stand-Up Comedians and more.

Jeff has produced more than #1 rated Radio show and has an been an active member of the Writers Guild. He's been clever, nimble, intelligent, funny...and more. He's worked with more celebrities than I could name... from writing their jokes to screenplays...[movies that actually got MADE]. He even pitched our Mom's story to a movie studio - which got optioned by none other than Steven Spielberg!

Many people in the industry, not just newbies, turned to Jeff for advice. He gave it freely... and was spot on. A lot of people would concur. Me? I admire him from afar. During one hiatus, Jeff developed a workshop in response to a writer's group in Phoenix. He flew over, put a bunch of people in a room and after 2 days they walked out with their brains bursting - full of know-how, and a healthy dose of reality. We all know that you have to take your Hollywood ambition with a hefty grain of salt.

I've been bugging my brother to bring his "workshop" to my neck of the woods, and he is. Maybe you just need your script punched up, maybe you want to ask questions about pitching your idea for a TV show, maybe you're thinking of buying a typewriter...He is one cool dude, he will not only tell you everything he knows, he'll also tell you what not to do, in a smart and affordable way.

So if you've EVER thought of writing for Television or Movies... or jokes, or other projects, this is the time to sign up - if you live in Baltimore, or Washington, or are willing to drive there for a weekend... if you live in or near New Orleans...or Phoenix... and if not - contact Jeff and maybe he'll bring a workshop your way. He's the funniest guy in the room, and he's got the chops to teach you a thing or two.

I still admire my brother, I think you will, too. Click on the link above to see what he's up to -- Maximum Screenwriting - and if you have a writer's group, contact him - and if you, just you have always wanted to write? This is the guy to know. He's not so blonde anymore...but he's still golden - and glowing, as far as I'm concerned!