Sunday, January 23, 2011

What's on MY walls?

Most collectors ask me what art I have on my walls.
Boy, what a loaded question.
Do I hang my own art in my house?
2 Part answer.

All the art I have [on hand] is hanging in the studio. Done or in surrounds me every day.
One piece of mine hangs in the house. It's the first "mosaic portrait" and a self-portrait. My husband is attached to it and won't let me sell it, although it has been in a few shows from time to time. A few acrylic floral paintings on the wall I did...mostly experimental stuff. And several pieces of needlepoint I designed and stitched when that was my job.
So if there's only a few of my pieces hanging in the house...what else is on the wall?

Plates. A ton of plates. A ridiculous amount of plates.
Plates from Mexico, Turkey, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Spain, Portugal, France, England, Denmark, several places in South America and Africa and probably many more places.

There's the antique Royal Doultons [for the Anglophile in me] a collection of Royal Copenhagen Christmas and Mothers Day Plates, Majolica, Faience, Talavera, Art Deco, Ethnic, some hand-painted, some decals... all have special meaning to me.

They're gifts, travel souvenirs, family heirlooms. They're old, they're new...oh, I think I might have painted one or two.

As for Art...
There are large Maxfield Parrish prints. Photographs, wood cuts & prints purchased from galleries and art fairs, a painting of my grandmother when she was a baby in Czechoslovakia. Some framed posters from the past. My favorite is this crazy painting of a ballerina in a off kilter, sand-blasted frame. It's crazy. It has to be from the 50's but I think my Mom bought it at a yard sale and it's one of those unknown things. I might have to take it to Antiques Roadshow someday.

But, mostly plates. I guess I collect plates.

Oh yes, there is a poster in the bathroom of a lighthouse...hanging over the bathtub. It's holding a space for a piece I was working on, but sold it [that's good] and I still think it's fun since the whole bathroom floor is supposed to look like water.

Almost every wall is covered in art of some sort...just not so much mine!