Friday, January 15, 2010

Mother Nature - Inspiration

This is my newest piece [until later today, anway]... Mother Nature is 24x48" on canvas.
While working on my Angels & Icons series, my friend Julie suggested Mother Nature... and that I would figure out a way to incorporate branches...perhaps coming out of her head!

When I drew this face on the canvas, I was thinking of a more traditional tree...but came across an invitation to a grand opening event in San Diego put on by Ran Roy Printing - that featured my art. Lisa Sinclair from Ran Roy called to say they had left over invites, did I want them? Sure! So, the invite featured a bird in a flowering tree. The branches were swirly... and you know, I love swirls.

So the branches became swirls - sort of like ferns - billowing out of Mother Nature's head... thanks, Julie!

I decided to use the colors of earth, sand, dirt as the tones in the face. I sorted the pieces by shade and after creating all the darker shadows, started with the darker shades and moved toward the light - using lighter shades as I went... All of the colors in Mother Nature are pretty natural. Look closely, you'll see some pieces of the invitation in her hair.

The photo doesn't do her gaze justice... she looks pensive, maybe a little suggestive [slightly open mouth].

The colors are browns, greens and a little red & black.

By the way, Ran Roy printed my greeting cards and prints - 8 different images as cards, 12 images as prints. Check them out here.

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