Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I love the Arts and Crafts Movement, I love the work of Gaudi, Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Frank Lloyd Wright. And, one of my favorite artists is Gustav Klimt. I probably shouldn't group that bunch together, but it works in my mind.
The title is a synthesis of Klimt and Cleopatra. I drew the face first. Deep dramatic shadows, and piercing blue eyes. I knew the background would be mostly black. I was thumbing through a book of Klimt's work and decided to use some of his geometric patterns in this piece [I created a companion piece, Sheherazade - also using some Klimt inspiration - she's in a private collection in Connecticut]. I built the piece from one corner - using, almost exclusively, Christmas cards. There is a lot of metallic and foil - gold, silver and many colors!
I didn't really think about Cleopatra until I was finished, the eyes... I knew others would see the connection.
Klio is one of my favorites. Those eyes, they speak to me. And, that little flourish of Klimt makes me happy.
The original is available for $4600.00. An 18x24x2" Giclee [reproduction on canvas] is available for $400.00, and this image is included in a packet of 8 greeting cards for $24.00. To purchase any of these, email me: artist@schimmelart.com.

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