Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I saw a photo in a magazine, and loved the face. Long elegant nose, blue eyes, full lips. I knew I wanted to to draw something from this inspiration, something about her spoke to me in pastels.

I knew the title needed to start with a W... and when speaking to my friend Lynne, I asked her to come up with every W name... she rattled them off and when she got to Waverly - I knew that was it!

I drew and painted... and although this is a small piece, it took FOREVER to sort through all my colors to find these colors - in prints. Not a lot of type and text on Waverly - too small, too pretty. At the end, I decided to leave black as paint.

Waverly is 9x12" and available for $400.00 No prints or reproductions. Enjoy! Want to see more? visit http://www.schimmelart.com

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