Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cherry Blossom

I was thumbing through W magazine [one of my favorites] and found a series of fashion photos featuring a model with a sweet face and a bob haircut. It reminded me of the 20's.
I drew her, painted her and started the mosaic on her face.
For some reason, I decided to give it Japanese twist - creating radiating stripes - gold and red behind her. I liked it! I was reading something or other about artist Takashi Murakami and something inspired me to add these big pink blossoms to the compostion. I liked it! Then, I added smaller blue flowers.
Just so you know I have a sense of humor... when people see my work, they often ask if I use Scrabble pieces. Come on! Scrabble?
I found some letters in the same shade as Cherry Blossom's face and added them. It adds a lot of interest to her face and a little bit of my humor.
Cherry Blossom is an example of how I use not only junk mail, but wrapping paper, Christmas cards [gold], photographs and scrap scrap-booking paper in my work. Somewhere in her hair are old photos of...ME [yikes!].
This is one of my favorites, I just love her expression!
Cherry Blossom is currently hanging - and available for purchase - at Translations Gallery in Denver. For more information, please contact

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