Thursday, January 28, 2010

Doing it the hard me Make-ee Do-ee.

I am all about having my hands in and on everything I do.

I was working in the studio last night and the piece I am working on now is taking me WAY too long! I thought I was doing something simple, but I just don't know how to [or won't] take shortcuts.

I paint everything by hand. Sometimes over and over until I think it's right. Then I cover the whole thing up!

I cut everything by hand. I was thinking about maybe getting some kind of die to cut pieces... nah, I do it by hand.

I have to touch everything. I have to place everything. I have to think about every single little piece I place and the direction it's in, which piece it's next to...


I suppose there are lots of shortcuts I could take, corners I could cut, but it just wouldn't be my art. A friend calls me "make-ee-do-ee" and that is just the perfect nick-name. I make it, I do it... there's a lot of heart and soul and a million touches in every piece I create.

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Showing up for the Muse said...

actually I am inspired by your description of your work process. It's been what has been happening to me lately as well- It is as thought the work speaks to me, egging me on past normal finished points... just Do it!