Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Re-Used Treasures

Did you know...
Emperor Justinian used relics and ornament he "stole" from Greek and Egyptian temples... including pillars from the Temple of the Goddess in Ephesus to create the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul?
Constantine imported the obelisk in the Hippodrome from Egypt - the only column left in what is now a park.
Did you know...
The Crusaders stole relics, pillars and treasures - and brought them back to Europe - the horses adorning St. Mark's in Venice - and the
Columns of San Marco and San Todaro were from Istanbul.

Ephesus, Istanbul and Venice are a few of the most spectacular places I've visited.
They are places that inspire me -

My mosaics - talk about upcycle - I take something of little or no value and create something of greater value... my artworks are made of tiny treasures pillaged from drawers of junk mail, calendars, old greeting cards and photographs.

Inspiration comes in many forms - and materials are transmuted into treasures [at least I like to think so...].

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Cynde said...

There is a temple in Bangkok that is tiled and covered in broken plates and pieces of China. It is amazing. Probably the most famous of Bangkok's sites -- Temple of the Dawn. Will have to show you a photo some time.