Monday, July 27, 2009

Icons, Madonnas, Angels and personal Demons

I have started a new series of large pieces - inspired by a bunch of personal touchstones: images and attributes of women, mosaics, Russian Icons, the Madonna [the original one, you know...a nice Jewish girl...] - this is not a spiritual calling, but I am approaching the series with a religious fervor.

I have been fascinated by religious images - without the spiritual attachment. I noticed today - I have four [count 'em, FOUR] images of Da Vinci's "Virgin of the Rocks" in my hallway. One of the first mosaic portraits I created was a self-portrait - and I gave myself a couple of halos [please do not read into that...I was just going with a Byzantine theme]. A couple of years ago, I created a version of the "Virgin of Guadalupe" just for kicks.

I also like shiny objects - and have been incorporating the gold foil and other metallics found in my collection of used Christmas cards into my work for a while now. Throw a little Klimt in the mix, too.

So, my new series of Icons begins with a portrait of a woman - I've called it "St. Catherine of Bologna, Patron Saint of Artists." Next, "Fashion Icon," and my newest piece "Rhythm & Hymn."
I am currently working on a gorgeous blonde angel. This might take a while... each strand of blonde takes hours to complete.

All of the large pieces are for a museum show coming up this fall - they are for sale, but will be on display through mid-January. However, I will create limited edition giclees [reproductions] of several pieces - and each giclee will be hand embellished and no two will be alike - much more affordable. For instance, "St. Catherine" will be about $7,000.00 - a hand embellished giclee [18x24"] will be $350.00.

And yes, I will also create some prints.

The allusion to personal demons? Let's just say there is a lot of crazy stuff going on these days! I think creating visions of womanly strength, fortitude and hope is a kind of therapy - if you know what I mean. Nothing beats time in the studio - pouring your heart on to canvas.

One more thing - OKAY, Okay - I will create earrings. I made some funky jewelry from some of my work - that I wore on Access Hollywood. I wear them for fun. Enough people have asked me to make and sell said earrings... I hear ya! But, if I am going to make earrings, they are going to be fabulous. So sit tight and I'll post info on my site and here as soon as I have a pair to show you.


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