Sunday, March 28, 2010

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About the Company

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. "My pictures are made of thousands of unrelated pieces – of images and text – upcycled from paper that might otherwise go to waste. Assembled like a mosaic; the “tiles” create an entirely new image - a portrait, a landscape, a fantasy - directly from my imagination."

Schimmel Art showcases the work of Arizona artist Sandhi Schimmel Gold and was established in 2005 as a response to the enormous demand for her eco-friendly fine art. It is now collected world-wide by private and corporate collectors; museums & notable galleries as well as hospitality and healthcare facilities. Her work is highly prized due to its nature; completely and meticulously and expertly hand-crafted, totally green - only a small number of pieces can be produced in a year.

An internationally recognized Synesthete, Sandhi’s art work reflects her natural affinity for color. Sandhi attended fine art school and studied mosaic work abroad. Her interest in design, fashion, art and history has led her to invent a completely unique art form. You will not find another artist creating work like this! It is intricate in construction, innovative in style, inventive in technique, inspiring to own. It’s gorgeous, it’s groovy, it’s green.

Sandhi’s work has been featured in several national publications including Interior Design and Martha Stewart Magazines and on television, including an appearance on Access Hollywood.

To complement the high quality of Sandhi’s work, only the finest, museum quality giclée printing techniques are available. Only a few images are available as a reproduction and are part of a small, exclusive limited edition.

Visit the Schimmel Art website to choose from available artwork: portraits, landscapes, graphics, floral, abstract - or contact us to discuss your clients’ needs, along with lead times and pricing. No toxic chemicals or adhesives are used in creating this work!
Imagine a stunning conversation piece to enhance any or all of your project needs! The artist will collaborate with your design team to create your vision. Custom portraits and images are available as wall art, as well as custom murals or other architectural uses.

All work is priced unframed. The artist believes the designer/architect should specify framing options for the client.

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