Monday, March 8, 2010

Art Festivals...Why I do a few a year

Just like a comedian who works small nightclubs to try out new material, I participate in a few Art Festivals here and there.
Here's why:
It is a great way to meet people, show my work, get feedback and input.
I get a good read on what is in favor with a broad group of people.
Sometimes I even sell a few pieces to collectors I might otherwise not have had the chance to get to know.
I work solo in my studio, so I need a little face time with the public on occasion.
My husband likes to travel.

Which ones?
Some, because they are close, some because they are prestigious.
Some because they're located near family, some just because.

What I don't do:
Undercut the galleries that represent my work.

See you this weekend at one of the highest rated art shows in country: Scottsdale Art Festival in Arizona.
Next month in Palm Springs and San Diego.
You can always check the events page on my site: to see if I'll be near you.

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