Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Kindest Cut

Yes, it's me and my scissors again.

I am working on this intricate portrait. As I was going yesterday, I started to think of how many times I cut ONE piece of paper to create the "tiles" I fit together.

  1. First, I cut the from the "raw material"- whether it's a postcard, catalog cover, packaging, business card...etc. One hack to separate a block of color from the rest. 
  2. Next, as I go through any particular box of colors, I look for the exact shades and CUT a strip.
  3. I cut the strip into squares. 
  4. That's two cuts - one on each side.
  5. Now, some of the pieces are fine as a square, but not too many. If it's good the way it is, it gets glued.
  6. But, if I'm going around a curve, there's another cut to make it fit.
  7. If it's in a tight spot, it might take another trim or two
  8. or another. I counted. Most squares get cut at least once more, many of them three times. Which means I'll glue it down, pick it up, trim it again.
Sure, it's pretty tedious to cut ONE PIECE of paper [and there are hundreds if not thousands included in each piece of work I finish] as many as EIGHT times, just to get it right.

I never repeat the same source of paper next to another - so if you'll look closely, you'll notice bits from that postcard from the neighborhood dentist is next to an old birthday card, next to the Nordstrom catalog cover, next to the insurance salesman's business card, next to a magazine fly card, a movie ticket... and so on. Why? It's just the way I do things.

So, I am somewhat process driven, somewhat image driven, and color is always behind everything.
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Joséphine said...

I read your website with interest. I appreciate your papiercollé mosaics portraits.
I want to talk about your work and present it on my own blog.
Would you authorize me to you take two or three pictures to illustrate my article?
I would add, of course, a link to your site.
Thank you in advance