Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Saving Stuff for "Someday"

And, many of you know my Mother was an artist, an author, a relentless business woman and tireless volunteer. I'm honored to have inherited creativity, eye for beauty and maybe a healthy dose of Chutzpah, from her, too.
Mom left a lot of "stuff" for me... to look at, think about and most importantly - use. Art, frames, canvas, brushes, beads, wire & jewelry tools, a dremel, clay tools, paint... and so much more. And, then there are baskets, cookbooks, journals filled with her drawings and notes. Because she was ill, so much of this was put away, not being used or enjoyed. So many things saved for "Someday." It made me think about how many things we hang on to for another day. As if we don't deserve to use those special things "now."

Why do we keep the good china for special occasions? Why don't we burn those beautiful candles, or use the fancy lotions we got for our birthdays? Do people still put plastic on their couches?

Why are we putting off our ability to enjoy our stuff and our passions - now? I remember a great Nora Ephron comment about how at the end of her life she'd be sorry if she skimped on the Dr. Hauschka's lemon bath. And, I had a wonderful lunch in Asheville, NC... the chef's philosophy "Don't Postpone Joy" struck a note. Read more about Laurey's here.

I remember those days when I was one of those "starving" artists... and hoarded every piece of  ruby-lith, scraps of fabric, buttons... for "someday." I still laugh when I'm flipping through my stores of paper and find a piece of graph paper from what seems like 100 years ago. I stopped saving things for another day and put it to use now!

I let my daughter use [almost] all of my art supplies. Yeah, she's ruined a couple of brushes, and doesn't always put the caps back on the paint tight enough...but gee, I'd rather encourage her amazing talent than hoard some paint. I can buy more paint, I can never replace amazing time with her in the studio!

I think it's better to enjoy what you do have...even if the dogs ruin it [have you seen my couch? nibbled!].  Use your stuff, drink that bottle of champagne at the back of the fridge, slather on that lotion, wear your "good" jewelry... otherwise, your life is all about just storing your possessions. Oh, geez I sound like George Carlin's riff on "stuff!"

I brought my Mom's dremel tool home. Now I guess I need to read the instructions so I can use it.

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Annie said...

LOVE this post!~!!

i so appreciate mixing then and now

the other challenge i have is seeing things that i just know i will need at some point for an art project - the back yard (studio) is filling up with items like that!!!

good to hear your "voice"