Saturday, October 2, 2010

a note to galleries

If you've been to my web site, you'll see quite a hodge-podge of information that might be confusing.

Allow me to clarify who I am and what I am doing.

Yeah, I am somewhat self-taught, I do not have degrees, residencies, etc. to back up my work. I'm not much of a joiner, so I don't belong to guilds, collectives, or attend meetings [but I am going to one in a couple of weeks]. I don't really read the publications I should. I might just be an outsider. I just don't know everything I should know about the art world in general. And, I don't want to - I would rather be in my studio making art.

I have done some art festivals - mostly to get my work out in the public. After a few years of doing this off and on, and at some awful ones and some prestigious shows. I know it's not for me... aside from the absolute grind and physicality of this exercise, well...let's be honest,  I'm honestly good at it, and don't enjoy standing in an 100 square foot space to try to sell my work... it gives me hives. I would rather be in my studio making art.

I've made the mistake of listening to outside voices - my natural style gave impresario's the impression that pop stars and celebrities would be a great way to bring attention to my work. A gallery owner who showed my work insisted I create giclee's, and against my better judgement [and conscience] I did. I am no longer going to do this, and wish I could just sell them and be done with them. So, there are images on my site of this sort, please know it's not my "thing," but they're there to show what I've done, I'm pretty happy with a lot of the work.

So yes, there are some giclees around, some prints and cards - perhaps a mistake or experiment gone awry. I will not create any more.

Do I have a "storefront" on my site? I don't list prices for original work, I direct inquiries to the gallery where the work is located. If it is not located in a gallery, I will communicate with the potential buyer. My sincere wish is that every piece I have is in a gallery. I would rather be in my studio making art.

So far, I've been the pr/marketing person for my work. I used whatever methods seemed appropriate [outsider, remember?] and I suppose this has been good and bad, for different reasons - but I have had my work featured in the media. And, I have had solo shows in galleries, I've had solo shows in museums. I really would rather not do PR anymore, I would rather be in my studio making art.

I am not a ballet dancer, I do not blow up bridges, I do not work in a factory, a store, an office... I am a full time artist. I am completely dedicated to making art.

I like painting women, I like faces. I like creating mosaics from paper to embellish my paintings. It is incredibly tedious - but think I have a unique vision and a unique technique. 

Is it green? You bet. Is that important? You decide.

My plan for the summer was to create a body of work relating images of women to an emotion influenced by a song. I started this journey, but the "body" of work is a small one. My summer ended up to be a horrible one - my mother died. A lot of time was spent as dutiful daughter... no regrets... My brother moved in with my father...more dutiful sister/daughter time logged, and then a tragic car accident took my brother's life - just 10 weeks after my mother... I am just getting my head above water.

At this point, I am bound to create a series based on pre-conceived notions... ageism, racism, etc. What we believe about others before they have a chance to speak... I am including my own bug-a-boo's in this series. It will be under wraps until I have a group to show you. As a citizen of Arizona, the first piece completed touches on SB1070 - the illegal immigration bill. 

In the meantime, my goal is to get my work into galleries that understand my history, my passion and vision. And, I am seeking a champion that will undertake my career - pick up the ball and run with it - take my work to the market - to galleries, collectors, shows... so I can stay in the studio and create art. In the meantime, I'll keep trying to get my work out there. But, I'll gladly listen to your advice.

If you have questions, or would like to speak to me directly, please email me.

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