Thursday, March 12, 2009

Buying art / Being an artist in this economy

So, it's true, I want you to buy my art. I am not going to apologize about it.

Every artist is a small business.

Every artist is a consumer.

Buying art sends money into the economy.

Take me, for example.

I am a wife, a parent, a home owner, a pet mom. I am a consumer. I buy groceries at the local market, I put gas in my car, I get my hair cut, I buy clothes, I go out to eat [less often], I pay my taxes, I buy a lot of art supplies! I BUY stuff. I spend money.

I need cash in my pocket to BUY stuff.

To support my local economy - if I don't get my hair cut, Erin @ Rochelle Salon loses a customer and has a harder time supporting her child. If we don't get a Gyro and Greek Salad every now and then at Z's Greek, the nice people who make delicious food there may have to close. If I don't take my doggies to the vet, the vet may have to cut back. If we don't donate to St. Mary's Food Bank, they have a harder time feeding people in need. And so on, and so on.

I buy local whenever I can so I help people in my neighborhood.

This is my job. This is how I earn a living, so help support my family, to buy clothes and books and supplies for my kid - to hopefully send her to college. I'm not lazy, I work 100 hours or more per week. To keep food on our table.

It's funny, but sometimes people have a strange attitude about artists wanting to actually market and sell their work - here's a gentle reminder this is our occupation, not an avocation. It's not a hobby - it's a job.

It's hard for everyone... I've discounted prices on some work, I've cut back on art shows and travel, but it's still my living.

Yes, I want you to buy my art!

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